Thursday, May 14, 2009


Tara is leaving on her mission this Wendesday. Were so sad, we are going to miss her so much!! The next trip we plan will have to be to Argentina to visit her:) These were some fun pictures Cami's little sister Carly took because sadly enough it wont be the same when she gets home! But we sure had a lot of fun this year!! We were all pretty much roomies:) Thanks goodness for such wonderful friends!!!
(random pictures to from this year, good times)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (cami and carly)

So here we are in Brazil. . . We are not able to post any pictures yet, because we didnt dare bring the lap top because this place is so "dangerous" and it would get stolen. which could be true, but we havent had any scary experiences and we actually feel very safe here. Inside our house we are living like rock stars!! outside the house its a 3rd world country, with so much beauty. we love it! The Copacabana beach is right in front of our house and the view is beautiful. we are very lucky to be staying in the house, its amazing. We have a maid that comes to cook for us often and it is the best food! expect a larger version of Carly and Cami to return from Brazil!!!! we flew a friend from South Brazil up to stay with us and she has friends here in Rio that have even more hook ups! so we are having the time of our lifes and definatly experiencing this place to its fullest! We miss Tara and Shay so so much though! it doesn't seem right to be here without them! Love you girls!!!!! we will get some pictures posted ASAP

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

near death experience....

Ok so to say the least we are all just grateful to be alive right now. You'de think the closet we came to dying was sky diving but nope! One of our favorite beaches is called Sandy's Beach. We love this beach because the waves are HUGE and so it's always an exciting time. On Thursday we went to take Cami's little sister Carly to the airport and we stopped at Sandy's on the way there. The waves were so big they wouldn't even let us get in the water! A little past Sandy's is a cliff where you can go stand and the waves are so powerful they splash against the rock and it makes a cool picture because you can stand on the rock and the wave will splash behind you. That day the waves were so big they were actually coming onto the rock. I guess it comes down to the fact they we are just really, really, really naive because looking back on it, we don't know what made us think we could stand there and not get taken out by those waves. But we seem to think we are indestructable and that we would be fine. So we go to pose for our picture and as you can see above, a monstrous wave came and completely took us all out. It swept us to the very edge of the cliff and if we weren't clinging on for our dear lives, we wouldn't be alive to tell the story. We were able to pull ourselves back up before the next wave came and the battle wounds were pretty intense. We were bleeding so much it just looked like red paint. This lady came down to help us and told us people die there every year. She said if were to have fallen off the edge we would have drowned for sure because the waves are so powerful they just keep splashing you up against the rock. We know you're all thinking it will be a miracle if we make it home in one piece!


We have had a lot of fun this week, from miss matching each others swim suits to jumping off the point! Cami's cousin Ryan showed us a cool cave at the point. We love to swim.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wet N' Wild Wedding

The night of friday the 13th there was a big party at BYU. It was full of water games. There was a slip n' slide, blow up jump room, and a dance party with water. It was the funnest night we've had here. And to spice it up a bit we dressed up for tara's pretend wedding. It was a big joke for a long time so we made it a reality. We were all tara's bridesmaids. It was super funny, and after the BYU party, we showed up at another dance party all soaking wet and showed our stuff.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

SKY DIVING on Friday the 13th!

We knew we wanted to go sky diving, what better day to do it than FRIDAY THE 13TH, and what better place than to do it in hawaii?! It was the most amazing thing that any of us had ever done. After we signed our lives away it was a long and intense wait for our turn. watch our video carly took on her way down! ENJOY it with us! The tandom jumpers were all awesome! They loved doing flips out of the plane which added to the fun!

Weekend in Waikiki

We had the opportunity to go stay for a week in waikiki with the Bingham family. They treated us as family. We were able to do alot of fun things with them. Everything from eating out at Senor' Frogs, visiting Pearl Harbor Memorial, and hitting all of our favorite beaches. One of them being Sandy's Beach where the waves are huge!!! We love that beach so much because its not just an ordinary beach, getting out past the shore break is a challenge. After we get rocked by a wave, we have to make sure our suits are on and adjusted before we come out of the water. Why do we love it? It was sad to watch cami sit out for a few days, but after her foot got better she was back in the game! YAY! she can swim again!